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Scavenger hunts and trekking, for example, might tend to lose their luster after a while for families that camp frequently. While these are still popular among most campers, the prospect of trying out some new camping activities is surely appealing. Give the following less popular games and activities a try to add a fresh element of enjoyment to your next camping vacation if for no other reason than to spice things up a bit. While this might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about camping, it is a great way to stretch and relieve tension.

Alphabet Games: Though it does not take place at the campground, this game is a great way to spend the time on the way to your destination. It’s a cross between “I spy” and repeating the alphabet, and it’s ideal for kids who need some spelling and reading practice. Begin by having everyone in the car search for any word visible outside the car window that begins with the letter A. When they locate it, they go to the letter B, and so on. The first person in the automobile to reach Z wins. But be warned: this game is surprisingly difficult. After all, the letter Q isn’t commonly seen on billboards.

Washers is a game similar to horseshoes that can be simply set up at almost any campground. The youngsters can play much more easily since the things tossed are light washers. The game consists of two two-person teams, two boxes with an upright vibrating in the centre, and two little metal washers. The boxes are about 20 feet apart, and each team takes turns throwing washers at the adjacent box. It’s a point if it landed inside the box. It’s three points if you obtain a “ringer” (the washer falls around the upright vibrate). The first team reach 15 points wins. When no one wants to go hiking or fishing, a washers competition is a terrific way to pass the time.

Breaker of Knots: When the weather is terrible and the kids are trapped inside the tent, boredom and stress can soon develop. If there are no cards or board games available to keep everyone entertained, this game is a wonderful substitute. All you need is some rope and some knot-tying abilities. Tie various knots in each piece of rope and distribute them to the children. Suggest that they work together to solve these mini-puzzles, and then let them go. You’ll be able to keep squabbling and irritation under control if they operate jointly rather than competitively.

A camping trip with the same family games is really fun and rewarding. They help your family members bond more. But you also don’t forget to equip your family with necessary camping equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, ovens… They are really essential for camping there. You can also follow OutdoorGearReviews for more camping information.

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